Fly Birdie - Flappy Bird Flyer

Fly Birdie - Flappy Bird Flyer for iPhone

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Avoid the pipes in this Flappy Bird-style game

Fly Birdie - Flappy Bird Flyer is an easier version of the original Flappy Bird casual game, which casts you in the role of a high-flying bird.

Watch the birdie

The idea of Fly Birdie is exactly the same as the infamous - and now defunct - Flappy Bird game. The objective is to fly for as long as possible, avoiding the pipes that line the flight path. You are awarded a point for every gap you pass through and must try to beat your high score every time. There's a global high scores table where you can pit yourself against your Facebook friends. 


High flyer

Fly Birdie - Flappy Bird Flyer is much more forgiving than the original Flappy Bird. The spaces between the pipes are much bigger, and you get three lives on every flight, meaning you're allowed to bash into two pipes before it's game over. It's possible to buy more lives in Fly Birdie if you're desperate to keep going.

The tap-to-flap control method is very simple to pick up - though mastering it can take some time.

The sky's the limit

The graphics in Fly Birdie don't have the same charm as the original Flappy Bird game. The background image is boring and the animation of the bird is pretty terrible. Also, for some strange reason the sky appears underneath the trees - a phenomenon I've personally never seen in real life!

A poor copy of a notorious classic

Fly Birdie - Flappy Bird Flyer may appeal to people who thought the original Flappy Birds was a bit too hard. However, it lacks the cartoony charm of that game and the overall presentation is poor.


  • Simple to pick up and play
  • Challenge your friends


  • Dull graphics
  • Not as fun as other tap-to-avoid games

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Fly Birdie - Flappy Bird Flyer


Fly Birdie - Flappy Bird Flyer 2.3 for iPhone

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